"mt" wrap (230mm x 5m) Lisa Larson - cow

Kamoi Kakoshi

Rp. 152.000,00

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"mt" wrap is a mini wrapping paper made from Japanese washi paper. It is armed with smart adhesive strokes at the sides to simplify making envelopes, paper bags, wrapping presents and more. "mt" wrap is slightly transparant. Let's get creative! the possibility is endless.

mt Masking Tape by Kamoi Kakoshi is made from durable washi (Japanese rice paper) and special non-toxic adhesive. The tape is easy to cut and fit onto the object you wish to decorate. It can be used on any clean and dry surface from wood, furniture, walls, metal, glass and even paper.
The acid-free glue will not leave residue on surfaces, making the tape reusable and easy to remove. mt tape has been awarded Excellent by OKO-TEST and food-safe by the Food Sanitation Law of Japan.

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