Custom Wax Seal set with Copper Handle


Rp. 650.000,00

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Now Gudily custom wax seal is available in intricate metal handle!


Give your stationery, invitations, letters and documents a unique touch with your own personalized, custom design wax seal.


You get:

1 wax seal with metal (copper) handle 

3 wax candles (red color) 


Size 2.5 cm (diameter)
Allow 3-5 weeks for production, shipping and custom clearance.


How to order:

1. Order through the Gudily website and make your payment 

2. Confirm your payment by sending an e-mail to and
attach your design files (preferably in .ai format)

3. Production takes approximately 2 weeks and
another 1 week for shipping and custom clearance

4. Gudily will send your seal(s) to the address provided on your Sales Order once they have become available



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