Autumn Gingko Letter Set


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  • Autumn Gingko Letter Set
  • Autumn Gingko Letter Set
  • Autumn Gingko Letter Set

Edo Karakami is the hand-crafted patterned washi paper for stationery and interior decorating like that used for Fusuma sliding doors. It has been handmade by artisans (Karakami artists, Sarago artists, and Sunago artists) in downtown Tokyo since the Edo Period. Edo Karakami is also called ‘kyoho-sengata’ (one thousand types in the Kyoho era), named because it was mass-produced with various patterns during the Kyoho era (1716-36). The paper can be applied to a wide array of places including fusuma doors, walls, ceilings, as well as interior and knick-knacks. Edo Karakami has been designated as a traditional craft by METI (Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry) and the City of Tokyo, and as a registered trade mark by regional organizations.

Set of 5 letter sheets

Size: 10cm X 15cm

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